Do you offer catering?2023-09-13T10:00:45-06:00

Yes, we offer juice, smoothie and acai bowl catering.

Do you deliver juice?2023-09-13T09:59:56-06:00

Yes, we offer juice delivery throughout the city. Delivery days/times vary by location. There is a delivery fee based on location. Contact us for more details or to set up a delivery subscription!

How long will juice stay fresh?2023-09-13T09:59:08-06:00

For best quality, drink our juices within 24 hours of purchase. Juice should be refrigerated at all times. With proper storage, juices can last up to 48 hours. They may separate but can be shaken or stirred to recombine.

Do you offer juice cleanses?2023-09-13T09:57:14-06:00

Yes, we offer 1, 3 and 5 day juice cleanse packages featuring a customized blend of cold-pressed juices specifically designed to provide nutritional support during a cleanse. Our cleanses reset digestion, remove toxins, boost immunity and increase energy levels. Please contact us for pricing and package options.

How long is the juice good for?2023-09-13T09:53:00-06:00

Our juices are best consumed within 24 hours for maximum nutrition and flavor. We recommend drinking immediately after purchasing.

Do you add any other ingredients like sweeteners?2023-09-13T09:52:30-06:00

Never. Our juices contain 100% pure fruit and vegetable juices – no added sweeteners, preservatives or fillers. We let the natural flavors of the fruits and veggies shine through.

How is your juice made?2023-09-13T09:52:06-06:00

Our juices are cold-pressed, meaning we use high pressure rather than heat to extract the juice. This preserves the nutrients and enzymes that are destroyed in traditional juicing methods using heat. We press a variety of organic fruits and veggies every morning to make that day’s juices.

Why drink fresh pressed juice?2023-09-13T09:51:31-06:00

Fresh pressed juice retains most of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes naturally found in fruits and vegetables. This makes it a highly nutritious beverage that can boost energy levels, support immunity and provide antioxidants. Drinking fresh juice is also a convenient way to help meet daily vegetable and fruit intake goals.

What is fresh pressed juice?2023-09-13T09:51:11-06:00

Fresh pressed juice is made by pressing or squeezing fruit and vegetables to extract their natural juices. This differs from store-bought juices which are often pasteurized or contain added sugars and preservatives. Our juices are made fresh every day using high quality produce.

Can I buy juices from you without any cannabis or hemp at all?2021-11-23T15:25:40-07:00

Of course, our regular menu does not contain any hemp juice or CBD unless you ask us to add it. Only the juices on our “Cannabis juices” menu contain raw hemp and/or CBD if asked to be added.

Is hemp juice a CBD product?2021-11-23T15:24:58-07:00

Not necessarily, although it does contain cannabinoids like cannabidiol (CBD) we do not “add” any CBD to our juices, instead we juice the actual leaves of the plant which contain some cannabinoids but are also nutrient rich.

Will raw cannabis juice get me high?2021-11-23T15:24:28-07:00

No, you will not get “high” from drinking our raw cannabis juice for 2 main reasons. Firstly, we are using baby hemp greens in our juices that have essentially zero THC which is the plant chemical that produces the notorious “high” and second even if it did contain THC, in its raw form (unheated) it is not intoxicating.

Do you use artificial ingredients?2021-11-23T15:23:56-07:00

No, all of our juices and smoothies are made with 100% natural ingredients. The majority of our ingredients are raw fruits and vegetables. Some of our smoothies do contain minimal processed dry ingredients such as raw cacao powder, dried maca root or dehulled hemp seeds.

Do you use preservatives?2024-02-01T10:05:35-07:00

Yes and No. We do not use any food preservatives but we do use lemon and lime juice as a natural way to help preserve the raw pressed vegetable juices. Naturally occurring citric acid in citrus fruits is a natural preservative. Since our juices do not contain commercial preservatives and are not pasteurized, they are 100% raw and have a max shelf life of 4-5 days. 

What goes into your juices?2021-11-23T15:22:10-07:00

Our juices are made with 100% fruits and vegetables, nothing else. We do not add any water, sugar or artificial flavors. We design our recipes to be vegetable dominant with enough fruit to mask the veggie taste. Unlike many juice bars, we do not “cut” our juices with cheaper ingredients like cucumber or apple juice. 

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