Amos Lozano standing in the midst of his hempcrete-build can

Located off Bulverde Road in Northwest San Antonio is the San-A-Canna hemp farm, a verdant enclave soon to host San Antonio’s first cannabis juice shop.

Amos Lozano ran Famous Juice Company for eight years before finding a permanent home for his raw hemp-infused juices, acai bowls, and smoothies — evidently, greener pastures awaited. The shop is currently scheduled to begin service in the next few weeks, followed by a grand opening party on Sunday, July 10.

Cannabis In San Antonio

“Really our mission is to teach people that cannabis is more than just CBD and THC products, that it’s also a leafy green vegetable that’s very nutrient dense that you should be consuming raw in your juices and smoothies and salads,” Lozano tells MySA. “That’s a cornerstone of our brand now is integrating raw hemp leafs into our recipes and teaching people about the benefits of raw cannabis.”

The company and Lozano’s devotion to alternative healing began after he found success in abating unexplained fibromyalgia-like symptoms through juice fasting. Lozano first started operating out of his parents’ kitchen, and gradually moved around to different spaces, from a rock climbing gym on Broadway to various co-ops.

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