The framing is up!

Next is packing in the Hempcrete

Why build with hemp?

Here’s a few reasons:

♻️Carbon Negative: Hemp absorbs carbon both in the growth cycle of the cannabis plant AND as a living, breathing wall

♻️Renewable: The Hurd or inner woody core of the cannabis hemp plant can be regrown into about 100 days

♻️Energy efficient: data from other countries building with hemp have shown it reduces electricity bills by 40-60% due to its superior Thermal Mass and Insulated Properties.

♻️Healthier Building: Finished hempcrete is natural anti microbial and anti bacterial preventing from mold growth that can affect your health

♻️Biodegradable: since it’s made of organic materials, if the building needed to be demolished the walls could be composted instead of sent to landfill like every other building demo.

Sustainability isn’t just a cool core value of ours; it’s how we LIVE and OPERATE.

Be weary of other juice companies using #Greenwashing to make it SEEM like they are sustainable focused.

Juice Bar Building Progress Gallery: