Cannabis is a nutrient dense leafy green vegetable

Raw Cannabis Juice IS NOT a “CBD product”

Famous Juice Company is the first juice bar in San Antonio, TX to provide fresh cannabis juice made from the cannabis plant leaves. Try cannabis juice at the new location coming soon on the north side of san antonio, tx.

Many people don’t realize Cannabis is a nutrient dense leafy green vegetable.

Just like they don’t realize cannabis is a sustainable building material. Hempcrete

Raw Cannabis Juice IS NOT a “CBD product”

Although, it does contain trace amounts of cannabinoids like CBDa, we are “adding CBD” to our juices…

We juice the actual leaves and stalks of plant unleashing the raw micronutrients locked in the plant cell walls that are full of calcium, magnesium and blood enriching chlorophyll.

Stay tuned for the opening of our hempcrete juicery later this year and our flagship location Summer of 2022🤙🏽

Famous Juice Company
14732 Bulverde Rd,
San Antonio, TX 78247
(210) 651-2090